Medicine & Linen Chests

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Create the rustic bathroom of your dreams with rustic medicine cabinets and rustic linen chests.  These items coordinate with the rustic furniture collections Oak Lodge carries and can be customized to suit your needs.  If you need any help with your choices, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Barnwood Linen CabinetBarnwood Linen Cabinet
$2499.99 $2089.00
Barnwood Medicine CabinetBarnwood Medicine Cabinet
Barnwood Toilet Topper CabinetBarnwood Toilet Topper Cabinet
$1299.99 $1189.00
Cedar Linen CabinetCedar Linen Cabinet
Cedar Medicine CabinetCedar Medicine Cabinet
Cedar Toilet Topper CabinetCedar Toilet Topper Cabinet
$1999.99 $1109.00
Hickory Linen CabinetHickory Linen Cabinet
Hickory Medicine CabinetHickory Medicine Cabinet
Hickory Toilet Topper CabinetHickory Toilet Topper Cabinet
$1499.99 $1229.00