Grapevine Moose Head

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Grapevine Moose Head

These Grapevine Moose Heads are beautifully designed and welded on heavy metal frames. The vines are then meticulously sculpted over the frames. All the vines have been treated and are free of all insects. All the material in this product can be used outdoors in all types of weather. Each piece is finished with walnut stain to add a touch of richness to the vines. If kept outdoors in the sun, over a period of time the wood will turn gray. Made in the USA. Choose from three sizes to suit your decor.
Small: 29"H x 29"W x 14"D
Large: 40"H x 40"W x 19"D
Extra Large: 50"H x 50"W x 24"D

Canadian residents are responsible for brokerage fees on the Large & Extra Large Moose Head.  All other fees are included in this Canadian price.

Choose from

Small $499.99
Large $649.99
XLarge $749.99