Every hallway needs a hook of some sort or a spot that needs fillin'.  Finish your grand entrance with a rustic hall tree or a butler bear and give it a look like no other. 

Butler BearButler Bear
Fisherman BearFisherman Bear
$689.99 $599.99
Grapevine Doe & FawnGrapevine Doe & Fawn
Grapevine Doe and FawnGrapevine Doe and Fawn
Grapevine Grizzly Bear CubsGrapevine Grizzly Bear Cubs
Grapevine Prancing Buck & SleighGrapevine Prancing Buck & Sleigh
Grapevine Standing MooseGrapevine Standing Moose
Hunter BearHunter Bear
$689.99 $599.99
Peter RabbitPeter Rabbit
$449.99 $389.99
Topiary DeerTopiary Deer